Health Leadership High School

Minutes of Regular Governing Board Meeting 2-25-16




February 25, 2016

7:30 am – 9:30 am

1900 Randolph Road SE

Board Members:

Shannon Groves                                   Ruby Ethridge                    Ryan Harrigan

Adriann Barboa                                    Norma Valdez                     Art Kauffman

Javier Acevez                                         Chris Brennan                    Jason Espinoza



Tony Monfiletto                                Michelle Melendez


School Leadership and Staff:

Blanca Lopez                                       David Vigil                                       Amy Eveleth

Monika Monje                                  Moneka Stevens                              Daniel Ivey Soto




Agenda item 1 – Call to order:  Shannon Groves, President


Agenda item 2 – Adoption of the Agenda: Shannon Groves, President


Javier made motion to approve agenda  Javier

Adriann seconded the motion

Motion passed unanimously.


Agenda Item 3 -Approval of Minutes of the Regular Meeting on December 17, 2015


Art made motion to approve minutes for December 17, 2015.

Ruby seconded the motion.


Agenda Item 4 – Public Comment

There was no public comment.


Agenda Item 5 -Finance Report, Action on BARS and Vouchers: David Vigil, Finance Director

Vote on Bars:




Chris made motion to approve the 3 bars.

Javier seconded the motion.

Motion passed unanimously.

Agenda Item 6 – Facilities Committee: David Vigil, Ruby Etheridge and Michelle Melendez reported that the committee is working on financing for the school building. They also reported that Gabriella Gutierrez from UNM School of Architecture is working with her graduate students in designing the school.


Agenda Item 7 – Performance Framework: Blanca reported the change in name from capstone to Community Wellness Practicum for next year’s senior project. ELL testing is almost completed. Staff is getting ready for PARCC testing next month. Trimester 2 exhibitions are the week of April 27 to March 3. Re-engagement class received a “Shaken Baby Doll” to help students in their workshops in the community. PB&J is working closely with the class. Current enrollment is 133 total students, 25 evening students. Art asked about reasons for dropping out, transportation and illness are the main obstacles. School is working on ways to maximize the use of space for the next schools year. Leadership is working with Achieve Mission to improve leadership. Performance Frameworks for 2015-2016 were approved in February. Michelle informed the board about the translation certification program for our students that Cecilia is working with them to start. Art recommended that the school talk to Fransisco about Mental Health First Responders training. It is also an opportunity for our students.


Agenda Item 8 – Scholarship Fund: Monika gave board members tickets for the school’s first fundraising event: Breakfast at Applebee’s on Yale, March 12, 2016.


Agenda Item 9 – New Mexico Center for School Leadership- Shannon informed board of the need to have professional development for the board and the possibility of doing it during board meetings. Board members agreed. Shannon introduced Tony who spoke of his work with the New Mexico Center for School Leadership and their plans for a day school innovation tour on April 26. Industries will visit schools and learn about their programs. The NMCSL is working on a grant by ECMC and will work on the data needed for the grant. Mission Graduate is using HLHS Graduate Profile in their talks with community.


Agenda Item 10 – Meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.

Next meeting will be March 24, 2016.


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