Health Leadership High School


Welcome to Health Leadership High School (HLHS).

At HLHS we educate and prepare young people for careers in the health industry while providing them with 360-degree support to develop the skills necessary to become successful leaders in their communities and future professions.

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Health Mission Statement:

The Mission of Health Leadership High School is to equip young people who are interested in the health industry with the skills they need to become leaders in developing healthier communities. This requires students to have a deep understanding of the social, economic, and physical conditions of our communities and the people who live there. We develop students as deep and complex thinkers, specifically serving young people who have limited means to have successful careers by caring for their intellectual, physical and emotional well-being as students.

Quick FAQs:

  • Health Leadership High School is a free and public high school
  • It is a small school environment – students who felt lost in larger school systems have flourished here
  • Students engage with work in hands-on, real-world ways that help to develop skills as active problem solvers
  • School curriculum is designed with input from the health industry; projects and performance assessments are guided by what skills and knowledge graduates need to demonstrate to be successful in the industry
  • All students have access to internships and career exploration opportunities
  • Students have the ability to start a college program while still in high school through dual enrollment
  • Team work with other students and mentorship from caring adults are key to our school’s mission and the success of our students

Core Values:

  • We are dedicated to learning by doing, every day in every class.
  • We use Positive Youth Development and Project Based Learning to support student growth.
  • We guide learning through real-life health projects.
  • We believe that we are changing the lives of our students.
  • Our work does not end at graduation, we are dedicated to supporting students even after graduation.
  • We are committed to the larger education reform movement and national benchmarking of our work.
  • We are committed to furthering the health profession and their contributions to our community.
  • We are committed to accomplishing our work through partnership.
  • We are committed to our community.
  • We are accountable to those we serve.

Guiding Principles:

  • Our work is asset based, meaning we value the contributions of all.
  • We support all youth intellectually, socially and emotionally.
  • Our work is holistic and developmentally appropriate as it relates to teaching, learning, and the Health Professions.
  • Our approach is to deliver relevant learning experiences for students that are driven by the best practices in health
  • We focus on the future of the health professions, and provide students skills they need to succeed.
  • Our strategies are informed by youth for youth.
  • Our work requires broad and diverse stakeholder input and support.
  • We engage with the community both professionally and personally.

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