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Jobs @ HLHS

Looking for a fun and exciting place to work? Love students? Like, really, REALLY love students? See the opportunities below to see if there’s a place for you in our vision of education reform.

Project Teacher:  Now Hiring

Health Leadership High School is currently hiring for the position of Project Teacher. Project Teacher with an endorsement of Special Education, Math or Science. The mission of Health Leadership High School is to create a group of aspiring young healthcare professionals who are able to create a healthier community.  For more information:  Project Teacher

Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment: Currently Filled

Health Leadership High School is looking for a highly innovative person to fill the position of Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Health Leadership High School is focused on supporting youth with rigorous academic instruction and opportunities to enter into a Health Career. Our mission is to grow tomorrow’s leaders that will create stronger and healthier communities. HLHS is looking for a leader who is committed to the vision and mission of the school. For more information: Job Description Director of CIA

For more details regarding the position, please contact Leticia Archuleta:


Director of Student Support:   Currently filled

Health Leadership High School an innovative public charter school in Albuquerque New Mexico focused on hands-on project-based learning through the lens of the health profession, is hiring for a Director of Student Support.   For more information:  Director of Student Support

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