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Project Teacher

Looking for a fun and exciting place to work? Love students?

Health Leadership High School is currently hiring for the position of Project Teacher. The mission of Health Leadership High School is to create a group of aspiring young healthcare professionals who are able to create a healthier community.

Check out the opportunity below to see if there’s a place for you in our vision of education reform. Submit letter of interest and resume to Leticia Archuleta¬† at


Project Teacher

This is a full time, 209-day position. Salary based on Education, Experience and Qualifications.

Health Leadership High School is accepting resumes for a Project Teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. We are currently looking for a Project Teacher, Math, Science and/or Special Education preferred.  Please read the Project Teacher Job Description below for more information.

Project Teachers are chiefly responsible for carrying out the mission of the school within their classrooms. Teachers are directly responsible to the Executive Director for the following:


  1. A commitment to HLHS Mission, Vision, and Values and the belief that ALL of our students can learn at high levels and be prepared for post-secondary success.
  2. A commitment to designing an applied curriculum that aligns with our mission of preparing students for college, apprenticeship, and/or entry into the healthcare workforce by graduation;
  3. A commitment to the use of standards-based grading.
  4. A commitment to using Response to Intervention as part of instructional responsibilities.
  5. Embracing a Growth Mindset; staff are committed to honest reflection, ongoing feedback, assessment of work, and a commitment to adapt and improve.
  6. Embracing practitioner action research as a foundation for individual and school-wide professional development.
  7. Participating in and supporting the school?s commitment to utilizing the Community Wellness lens to improve education, resources, and opportunities.
  8. Prioritizing the building of authentic, nurturing relationships with students, staff and families as the foundation for learning.
  9. Working collaboratively with staff to share responsibility for the learning and success of students with I.E.P.s and those who are English language learners in our inclusion model.
  10. Using differentiated instruction to meet the multiple needs of students in a full inclusion environment.
  11. A shared and individualized approach to student support using the PYD philosophy.
  12. A commitment to personally doing your part to ensure healthy and honest collaboration among adults.
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