Health Leadership High School


Leticia Archuleta – Executive Director

Robert Fung- Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Nathan Hoge – Director of Student Support


Carolina Quinones – Director of Community Engagement


Wendy Meek – Special Education Director/Teacher


Carolyn Sanchez – Intervention Coach


Monika Monje – Transition Coach



Sienna Bonner – Instructional Coach/Teacher


Sonny Sun – Re-Engagement Program Teacher


Omkulthoom Qassem – Teacher


Omar Zamudio – Teacher



Eric Esparza – Teacher



Kristen LaVolpa – Teacher

Amanda Moore-Re-Engagement Program Teacher



Roberta Griego – Teacher


Deidree Romero – Teacher



Alyse Moulton – Social Worker


Jessica Bussetti – Social Worker


Viviana Mota – Registrar


Cinthya Olivas – Medical Assistant / Clerk








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