Health Leadership High School

Student Projects

Health Leadership High School classes are based on a Learning By Doing model. Students participate in four projects a trimester and earn their credits through hands-on activities in and out of the classroom. Each project has a final exhibition where students demonstrate their learning to industry and community professionals.

During exhibitions students will share their health projects in a science fair format. Judges will evaluate how well students master health conceptsJudges are welcome to attend for 30 minutes or more based on their availability. If you are interested in being a judge at any of the below exhibitions please email

Exhibition Schedule:

Eat Hard Play Smart

Exhibition -May 30th 9:45am-11:45am at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Driving Question: How do we as health champions inspire and guide the future leaders at Cien Aguas towards a healthy lifestyle?

Students will act as fitness and nutrition champions for 4th and 5th graders at Cien Aguas International School.


History of Healthcare

Exhibition -May 30th: 9:45am-11:45am at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Driving Question: How has health care changed over the history of time?

Students will focus on health care; past and present, making predictions about the future of the industry.

Disaster Relief

Exhibition-May 30th 9:45am-11:45am at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Driving Question: How can we help prepare for and respond to a natural disasters?

Students are learning about disasters around the world and presenting about strategies to prepare for disasters.

Medicine in the Community

Exhibition-May 30th 1:15pm-3:15pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Driving Question: How do we as healthcare professionals breakdown and communicate a specific disease awareness to the community?

Students will develop their medical terminology skills with a focus on community outreach.

Inside Out

Exhibition-May 30th 1:15pm-3:15pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Driving Question: How do health advocates inform the public about diseases?

Students will present on how the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems operate as well as how diseases affect those systems.

Spring in the Garden

Exhibition-May 30th 1:15pm-3:15pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Driving Question:  How do integrate mathematics in designing our school garden landscape.

Students will present models, ideas and spaces they developed in the school garden.

Camp Adventures and Community Health Workers

Exhibition June 1st  9:45am-11:45am  1900 Randolph SE 87106                           

Camp Adventures-Driving Question: How can camp adventures be a lifelong adventure for everyone?Students will share their experiences about partnering with Carrie Tingley Foundation and engaging in a physical disability awareness campaign. In the campaign students assisted with recruitment of children with disabilities to participate in a camp and volunteered as a camp counselor.

Community Health Workers-Driving Question: What makes a community healthy and how can we contribute to making it healthier?  Students will present on how they gained an understanding of the role community health workers play and will share their lessons learned in being in the role as a community health worker.

Sugar vs. Salt and Parenting 101

Exhibition- June 1st 9:45am-11:45am 1900 Randolph SE 87106 

Sugar vs. Salt-Driving Question: How do salt and sugar correlate to hypertension and atherosclerosis? Students will present on how salt and sugar contribute to hypertension as well as prevention strategies.

Exhibition- June 1st 1:15pm-3:15pm 1900 Randolph SE 87106 

Parenting 101-Driving Question: How can we as child advocates, provide resources, to parents to help manage the responsibility of raising a child in a low income community? Students learned about prenatal development and access to prenatal care for low income communities. Students will participate in a formal debate about various prenatal and early childhood developmental topics.


Hi Sugar and Surgery Part 2

Exhibition-June 1st 1:15pm-3:15pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Hi Sugar– Driving Question: How can I help educate in the treatment or prevention of diabetes for a target audience of my choice in my Spanish speaking community? Students will present about healthy eating, the complications of diabetes as well as the difference between high and low blood glucose levels.

Exhibition-June 1st 1:15pm-3:15pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106

Surgery Part 2–  Driving Question: Driving Question: How does a surgical team utilize best surgical practices for patients? Students will present on surgical sutures and procedures.


Mental Health and Community Health Workers (Re-engagement Program)

Exhibition June 5, 2017 4:30pm-6:00pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106       

Mental Health-Driving Question: What is Mental Health/Mental Illness?   How can we inform/educate young people to speak out about mental health issues, and where to get help? Students will write a research paper on a mental illness/disorder and present a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on their research topic.

Exhibition June 6, 2017 4:30pm-6:00pm at HLHS 1900 Randolph SE 87106         

Community Health Workers-Driving Question: How have Community Health Workers contributed to communities in the past, present, and what they will have to do in the future to best serve communities? Students will be able to speak about what a CHW does in the community – locally, state, U.S. & worldwide.  They will share insights on how CHW are able to provide community members support.

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