Health Leadership High School

Student Projects

Health Leadership High School classes are based on a Learning By Doing model. Students participate in four projects a trimester and earn their credits through hands-on activities in and out of the classroom. Each project has a final exhibition where students demonstrate their learning to industry and community professionals.

During exhibitions students share their health projects in a science fair format. Judges evaluate how well students master health concepts and provide feedbackJudges are welcome to attend for 30 minutes or more based on availability.

Please join us in June for Spring Exhibitions! Contact us at 750-4547 for more information

View project topics from past exhibitions.

Also, take a look at the exhibition details from February, below.

Trimester Projects – June 3 through June 7th

Medical Terminology in the Bilingual Community – Driving Question: As health care professionals, how can communication medical terminology in english/spanish create a patient centered experience?

Golden Hour – Driving Question:  How are diagnoses, treatments, and protocols best determined for a patient with a specific TBI?

Community Health Workers Part 2 – Driving Question:  How can we serve our community (Albuquerque) as Community Health Workers?

Raices y Razas Ethnic Studies – Driving Question: How does your personal history play a role in a larger world history?

The Planet Me – Driving Question: How does understanding what we can’t see informs us on what we can see in our bodies?

Food For Thought – Driving Question: How does status affect access to healthy food and good health?

How Did Disease Affect Both the Europeans and the Spanish Conquistadors? – Driving Question: How did disease, hunger, and the introduction of new ways of “doing things” affect both the Indigenous populations and the Europeans?

Panza Llena Corazón Contento – Driving Question: How are our traditional meals nutritional for our bodies while still keeping them heart healthy?

Mental Health (Coping Skills/Self Care) – Driving Question: What are some coping skills and self care strategies that we can use to help ourselves and our neighbors in order to improve our mental health? 

#InstaFit – Driving Question: What does health look like? How does social media influence health?

Parenting in Poverty – Driving Question: How can we as advocates for children, provide resources to help manage the responsibility of raising a child in a low income community?



February 25th & 26th: Re-Engagement (Evening)

February 25th         

Early Childhood Literacy

​Driving Question: ​How do we as young people inform other young people about the importance of Early Literacy as it relates to culture and language? ​Students will present two books they created; one about early childhood development and the other about their own early childhood. Judges are encouraged to bring their children up to age 6 to participate.


February 26th        

Ethnic Studies

​Driving Question: How does ethnic studies connect learning with student identity? Students will create and present retablos of someone significant in New Mexico or U.S. history.

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