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Now Hiring – CEO/Principal

Health Leadership High School is a new innovative charter school committed to reengaging students with thrilling Project-Based Learning, 360 degree support for students and a reciprocal relationship with our community. After the first year of operation the school is in a perfect place to build upon strong infrastructure and partnerships to continue creating a school dedicated to serving students from disenfranchised communities and connecting them to careers in the health field. While operating in a temporary facility, the school will be working to build the permanent school building within the expansion of the First Choice Health Commons in the South Valley of Albuquerque.

  1. Position Summary: The CEO/Principal of Health Leadership High School shall serve at the pleasure of the Governing Council as the leader of an innovative charter school organized around the needs of students, in close collaboration with community partners from a wide spectrum of the health sector. The CEO/Principal will be responsible for implementing a plan as developed by the founders and partners, including the establishment of a permanent campus and long-term partnerships with health sector partners for the benefit of students. As administrative and organizational leader of the school, the CEO/Principal will directly supervise IT Director, Finance Director, Director of Student Support, Director of Curriculum, and Community Engagement Director. In addition, the CEO/Principal will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school to include:


  1. Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  2. Creating a high level of parent and community engagement for the success of students, including the identification of parents willing to serve on the Governing Council.
  1. Successful implementation of programs that will result in achieving the goals set forth by the governing board and as described in the school charter and contract with PEC, including financial and educational outcomes.
  2. Ensuring high level of health focused applied learning instruction in every classroom
  3. Establishing a reflective, team-focused and inter-dependent professional development process for all faculty, in close collaboration with the NM Center for School Leadership and other professional development partners, as appropriate.
  1. Building strong working relationships with the community, particular with large health professional employers, to ensure the maximum adult mentorship for students both in and outside of the school
  2. Aligning all teaching and learning toward the ultimate goal of a diploma with currency in the marketplace signified by 100 percent transition to college or work
  3. Creating a school student and staff culture and ethos that values hard work, excellence, collaboration, and commitment to the common good
  4. Supporting student wellness in the social and emotional, nutritional and fitness domains
  5. Building and implementing a curriculum that is interdisciplinary in nature, reflects the future demands of the health profession, expects rigorously evaluated public exhibitions, and is aligned toward the Common Core State Standards and Health Professional Standards.
  6. Establishing effective systems and structures in the school to ensure orderliness and compliance with all state laws and regulations (special education, faculty relations, student discipline, financial accountability and controls, etc.)
  7. Overseeing ? ? ? the ?front office? functions of the school and represents the school in all contact with the public
  8. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Minimum Education and Experience
    1. Bachelor?s Degree in Education
    2. Master?s in Education Leadership or equivalent
    3. Experience working with students in our target population
    4. Experience with fundraising (preferred)
    5. Experience with construction projects (preferred)
  2. Licenses/Certifications Required
    1. Valid NM Administrative License
  3. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
    1. Knowledge of the root causes of low educational attainment (preferred)
    2. Knowledge of the demographics and history of the school?s (permanent) geographic community (preferred)

To apply: Please send letter of intent, resume, and three professional references to by August 15, 2014.

For questions or more information please contact Gabriella Duran-Blakey at

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