Health Leadership High School

Government & Community Health Workers

Exhibition February 8th  10:00am-12:00pm  1900 Randolph SE 87106                           

Government-Driving Question: How will you create, develop, and get a bill passed into law regarding an issue of significant personal importance? This project was focused on learning the governmental processes in the US.  We focused on how laws are created and differences between the House and the Senate.  To gain more information about how laws are passed, we looked at the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana.  They investigated why this legislation has passed in some states and been voted down in others.  Students created their own “passion” bill that will be presented to judges.  Students will refer back to what they learned during the project and what they discovered during their marijuana bill investigation.

Community Health Workers Driving Question: What makes a community healthy and how can we contribute to making it healthier?  Students are creating asset maps in order to evaluate the health of our communities. In addition, students are entering the communities that need the most help and serving as community health workers that will conduct blood pressure and BGL screenings. Students will be simultaneously practicing their communication skills.

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