Health Leadership High School

Trimester Projects – June 3 through June 7th

Medical Terminology in the Bilingual Community – Driving Question: As health care professionals, how can communication medical terminology in english/spanish create a patient centered experience?

Golden Hour – Driving Question:  How are diagnoses, treatments, and protocols best determined for a patient with a specific TBI?

Community Health Workers Part 2 – Driving Question:  How can we serve our community (Albuquerque) as Community Health Workers?

Raices y Razas Ethnic Studies – Driving Question: How does your personal history play a role in a larger world history?

The Planet Me – Driving Question: How does understanding what we can’t see informs us on what we can see in our bodies?

Food For Thought – Driving Question: How does status affect access to healthy food and good health?

How Did Disease Affect Both the Europeans and the Spanish Conquistadors? – Driving Question: How did disease, hunger, and the introduction of new ways of “doing things” affect both the Indigenous populations and the Europeans?

Panza Llena Corazón Contento – Driving Question: How are our traditional meals nutritional for our bodies while still keeping them heart healthy?

Mental Health (Coping Skills/Self Care) – Driving Question: What are some coping skills and self care strategies that we can use to help ourselves and our neighbors in order to improve our mental health? 

#InstaFit – Driving Question: What does health look like? How does social media influence health?

Parenting in Poverty – Driving Question: How can we as advocates for children, provide resources to help manage the responsibility of raising a child in a low income community?



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