Health Leadership High School

Mental Health, Drug and Brain Chemistry, Genetics and Us

Mental Health-Driving Question: How can we create a social change that will empower people experiencing mental health issues? This project will require students to explore the historical events that have changed the way people experiencing mental illness have been diagnosed, treated, and viewed by the public. They will then be creating their own historical event that will change the world and a “Call To Action!” about this event! At Exhibitions, the students will be sharing their Person First Language Wheels, Mental Illness/Mental Disability Compare & Contrasts, DSM Webquests, Mental Disorders Explorations, Cause(s)/Effect(s) Historical Timelines, and Social Change Creations & Calls to Action!

Drugs and Brain Chemistry-Driving Question: How do we as community health advocate inform the public about how drugs affect our brains? Students have been learning about the drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, LSD, methamphetamines and their negative effects on the brain. During exhibitions students will present on how a normal brain functions as well as a story board geared toward adolescents on how a specific drug affects the chemistry of the brain.

Genetics and Us-Driving Question: How do we as a community make genetic factors more widely understood to better impact family wellness? This class is 0.5 Integrated Physics and Chemistry or 0.5 Science of the Body so it is mostly 9th & 10th graders. Exhibition will be the students acting as genetic counselors to somebody (themselves or a family member) who has just been diagnosed with a genetic factor.

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