Health Leadership High School Grading Policy

At HLHS credits are earned through demonstration of mastery of Common Core, National and State Standards. This means each student must produce evidence of their learning as well as show that they can apply that knowledge to real-world problems and projects.

Students demonstrate mastery in many ways: group discussions, presentations, learning logs, products/deliverables, mini-exhibitions and the final exhibition. Mastery is measured by both formative and summative assessments which are performance based. Performance assessments are long-term, public, and relevant assessment methods that provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate a synthesis of what they have learned through their experiences. Exhibitions are a required student performance assessment that may be related to one class or a combination of classes. Exhibitions provide students an opportunity to show what they have learned and how they have applied what they learned through high quality, authentic products and presentations.

Letter grades attempt to reflect student mastery. If a student demonstrates mastery of 90-100% of the learning outcomes (standards) they earn an ‘A’. If students demonstrate mastery of 80-89% of their learning outcomes they earn a ‘B’. If students do not produce enough evidence to determine they are meeting at least 80% of the learning outcomes they earn an ‘F’. In some cases, students can earn an ‘I’ for incomplete, which means work toward mastery is still in progress. Students will have the opportunity to attend Interim school to show progress toward mastery. With sufficient progress during interim school students can earn either an A or B. If students show insufficient progress or do not attend interim school a grade of ‘F’ will be entered in place of the ‘I’. All incompletes will be converted into a letter grade of A, B or F at the end of each school year.


Health Leadership High School is going into its Eighth year and welcomes students from Freshman to Seniors. Health will have the same graduation requirements as all other public high schools in the State of New Mexico. However, Health Leadership students are required to complete a Capstone Project.

The Capstone Project will be an intensive final year project that investigates aspects of the health profession through a real-life project. Students will collaborate in teams to research, create, and publicly present on topics related to the health industry. In addition to the value of working in the context of a real-life project, the students will consult with and be mentored by Health industry professionals through participating in community and weekly meetings, as well as site visits, exposing the students to what it takes to be leaders in the exciting and competitive fields of the health professions.