A message from …

Meg Tokunaga-Scanlon

Curriculum Director

Health Leadership High School: a public charter school dedicated to hands-on, project-based learning that supports youth through rigorous instruction. Health Leadership High School is focused on supporting youth with rigorous academic instruction and opportunities to enter into a Health Career. Our mission is to grow tomorrow’s leaders who will create stronger and healthier communities. This website is designed to showcase student growth in becoming our future leaders in the community.

Teachers take a challenging health problem and design student projects with support from health experts who help them ensure that what they are teaching students is relevant and authentic. Students must demonstrate mastery and project completion publicly in the form of exhibitions. Connecting our students with industry partners through real-life projects, community volunteer work, mentor-ships, shadow-ships, and paid internships gives our students the opportunity to develop 21st Century Skills that include teamwork, problem solving, self-advocacy, and research practice.

The students of Health Leadership High School not only learn the value of strong citizenship, but also become leaders who are able to give back to their families and community. Students engage in collaborative work in a supportive, small school environment that values the overall well-being of young people. Health Leadership High School provides the tools and experience students need to become successful leaders in the health care industry.

HLHS Vipers are excited to share their accomplishments and welcome your feedback!