Welcome to Re-engagement and Credit Recovery!

HLHS is now enrolling for our Re-engagement program.

We know that not all students have the flexibility to attend high school during the traditional day schedule. Our Reengagement program offers evening courses from 4-8pm twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This format mirrors college-level classes and prepares students for their academic and career goals.

We offer a child-friendly environment that allows parents to attend classes without the demands of finding childcare. We provide toys and a space for parents to attend to their children’s needs during classes.

We offer both Acellus credit recovery courses as well as elective credits with our in-person programming. Dual credit and paid internships are also available through our Reengagement program. This allows students to take college-level courses while completing their diploma as well as participate in hands-on learning experiences with community partners.

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Dr. Nikkie Roberts

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