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HLHS School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a district advisory council made up of parents, students, community members, and school staff working together to improve the health of all students and families. (Please see the link/s below for upcoming meetings)

SHAC meeting flyer March 12, 2020 5:30-7pm


We are excited to inform you that you can now check your student’s school progress through our Jupiter login. We shared this information and your temporary passwords at our recent Family Meetings sessions. However, if you were unable to attend, please contact the school to get your login information and temporary password. Keeping you informed of student progress is a top priority for us and we hope to increase your access and partnership in making sure your child is successful at school.

Parent’s Login page to Jupiter Ed: ¬†

Support for families experiencing homelessness as directed under the McKinney-Vento Act:

Parents if you are experiencing¬† any of the following situations: Live in a shelter, a motel or campground due to lack of an alternative accommodation, in a car, park, abandoned building, bus or train station, doubled up with other people due to loss of housing or economic hardship, the school can assist you to make sure your child’s education is not interrupted as a result. You can speak to Student Support Director for support and options.

Families or students who feel they have not fully been supported by the school and are experiencing these challenges can access further support and express their complaint through the school policy below. Should you feel you need this support, please contact the school to assist you to provide guidance in this process:

HLHS Conflict Resolution Policy Packet.pdf

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